Deprecated Functionality

Functionality listed under this section has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of AM.

Deprecated in AM 7.1.2
  • No features or functionality have been deprecated in this release.

Deprecated in AM 7.1.1
  • The user_id field in the OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection Response is Deprecated

    The user_id field, which is part of the JSON response returned by the /oauth2/introspect endpoint, is deprecated for compliance with RFC 7662. The user_id field will be removed in a future release of AM.

Deprecated in AM 7.1
  • Deprecated Elasticsearch and Splunk Audit Handlers

    Using the Elasticsearch and Splunk audit handlers is deprecated.

    AM 7.1 supports both file-based audit handlers and logging to standard output, which Elasticsearch and Splunk can consume.

    For more details, see "Configuring Audit Event Handlers".

  • Deprecated isAlive JSP Page

    Using the isAlive.jsp to determine if an instance is alive is deprecated.

    AM 7.1 includes new endpoints to determine if an instance is alive, and ready to process requests.

    For more details, see Monitoring Instances.

  • Deprecated Existing getIDPAuthnContextInfo Signature

    The existing signature for the getIDPAuthnContextInfo method of the IDPAuthnContextMapper interface is deprecated.

    AM 7.1 includes a new signature for the getIDPAuthnContextInfo method, which includes an additional parameter for the entity ID of the service provider (SP).

    Note that the deprecated method still works in AM 7.1, but you should update any code that uses it to the new four-parameter signature. The deprecated three-parameter signature will be removed in a future version of AM.

  • Deprecated Social Authentication Nodes

    The following authentication nodes have been deprecated in favor of the "Social Provider Handler Node":

    As part of this change, the Social Authentication Implementations Service is also deprecated.

    For more information about using the "Social Provider Handler Node", see Social Authentication.

  • The ssoadm, ampassword, configurator.jar and upgrade.jar Tools Remain Deprecated

    The ssoadm command and the configurator.jar, upgrade.jar, and ampassword tools remain deprecated. They will be removed in a future release of AM.

  • Deprecated Direct Access to the Transient, Secure, and Shared State of Authentication Trees

    Direct access to authentication trees' transient, secure, and shared states using the TreeContext class has been deprecated.

    As part of this change:

    • Use of the sharedState and the transientState bindings for reading and updating state with the "Scripted Decision Node API Functionality" are deprecated.

      Use the nodeState binding instead.

    • Use of the getState method from the TreeContext class, used to read state in authentication nodes, is deprecated.

      Use the getStateFor method instead.

    For more information, see "Storing Values in a Tree's Node State" and "Accessing Shared State Data".

Deprecated in AM 7.0.1
  • The SOAP STS service is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Installing instances of this service in AM 7.0.1 is not supported. However, upgrading existing instances is.

Deprecated in AM 7.0
  • Deprecated Embedded Directory Services

    Support for the embedded DS instance in production is deprecated in AM 7. You can use the embedded DS instance for evaluation and demonstration purposes only.

    The embedded DS server will be removed in a future version of AM. You should switch to external DS servers.

    For more information, see Preparing External Stores.

  • Deprecated Authentication Chains and Modules

    Authenticating by using authentication chains and modules is deprecated in AM 7, and they will be removed in a future version of AM.

    You should migrate your environments to Intelligent Access using authentication trees and nodes.

    For more information, see "Authentication Nodes and Trees".

  • Deprecated Unused Authentication Methods in Hosted IDP Authentication Context Mapping

    Support for the following authentication methods in the Authentication Context table when configuring a hosted identity provider has been deprecated in AM 7:

    • User

    • Role

    • Resource URL

    The other authentication methods are not deprecated, and can be used to achieve the same results as the deprecated options.

    For more information about configuring SAML v2.0 authentication context mappings, see Authentication Context.

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