Documentation Updates

The following table tracks changes to the documentation set following the release of AM 7.1.2:

Documentation Change Log

Initial release of AM 7.1.1

The following changes were made to the documentation:

  • Updated the examples in the "Accessing Shared State Data" section.

  • Added documentation in "Supported Callbacks" about the following callbacks:

    • BooleanAttributeInputCallback

    • BooleanAttributeInputCallback

    • ConsentMappingCallback

    • KbaCreateCallback

    • NumberAttributeInputCallback

    • StringAttributeInputCallback

    • TermsAndConditionsCallback

    • ValidatedCreatePasswordCallback

    • ValidatedCreateUsernameCallback

  • Updated the Preparing for Development section to specify that you must include a nodeDescription property in your node to ensure that it appears in the authentication tree designer.

  • Removed a limitation from the release notes that wrongly specified that WebAuthn trust anchors are not supported in AM 7.1.x.

  • Improved the "To Map Files in File System Secret Volumes Secret Stores" procedure to add more detail about how to encrypt and create filesystem-based secrets.

  • Updated the table in the "Directory Server Requirements" section to indicate that DS 5.+ is required as External Directory Server for 7.1.+.

2021-11-15Added a change in behavior to the logging on session timeout.
2021-05-12 Initial release of AM 7.1.

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