AM 7.2.0

Known issues

The following important issues remained open at the time of this release:

  • OPENAM-19619: NodeState keys does not return correctly for "*" and not return all keys

  • OPENAM-19613: PSearch is already removed error message should be warning

  • OPENAM-19567: InvalidCount variable does not update after successive failed attempts

  • OPENAM-19480: 500 Internal Server Error on /json/scripts with "not equal" CREST filter

  • OPENAM-19476: AbstractUpgradeHelper#updateChoiceValues does not handle i18nKey values

  • OPENAM-19451: When using Chrome WebAuthn simulator and WebAuthn set with attestation DIRECT fails

  • OPENAM-19422: KeepAlive search filter shouldn’t be Absolute True and False Filters

  • OPENAM-19375: Searching JavaDoc does not function correctly

  • OPENAM-19371: Updating an auth tree over REST requires all the nodes to be listed in the payload

  • OPENAM-19261: Introspect call for tokens obtained via the client credentials grant produces error, warning

  • OPENAM-19213: AM doesn’t work in Tomcat 10

  • OPENAM-19187: Unable to remove Saml2 IDP Attribute Mapper scripts using UI

  • OPENAM-19139: AM reports authorization errors using fragments on form_post requests

  • OPENAM-19118: Authentication audit events not logged when ScriptedDecisionNode script contains a syntax error

  • OPENAM-19084: Response does not comply to Standard when Requesting Claim that are Unavailable

  • OPENAM-19081: Modules of type OpenID Connect id_token bearer are not correctly handled in UI and in datastore

  • OPENAM-19030: AM Logs an Error if Resource Type cannot be found

  • OPENAM-19008: AuthTreesSecretsApiStep creates a potentially invalid secret mapping

  • OPENAM-18961: BasicOAuth2RequestImpl throws error at "ERROR" level

  • OPENAM-18935: Inconsistent behavior in ConfigProviderNode when omitting config properties

  • OPENAM-18544: AM Access Auditing Reports FAILURE on 302

  • OPENAM-18512: UMA resource set endpoint doesn’t list all relevant resource sets

  • OPENAM-18481: OIDC client mandates kid value in JOSE header

  • OPENAM-18469: Persistent Claims doc string references "RFC 123"

  • OPENAM-18394: Bazel fails to download Maven dependencies on first compilation

  • OPENAM-18375: Common password policy validation fails when using Registration Tree

  • OPENAM-18351: Form parameter is not recognized in access_token endpoint

  • OPENAM-18254: Attempting to create a user via Registration Tree fails after scaling up ds pods

  • OPENAM-18122: FBC rule written to remove reference to MAY_ACT default script set null instead of [Empty]

  • OPENAM-17957: Identify Existing User node fails with exception when more than one user is found

  • OPENAM-13329: Trees Display Character Encoding in Settings Dropdown Menu

  • OPENAM-12492: Identities: 500 Error when switch to Services tab on anonymous profile

For issues identified in previous releases, see the release notes for those releases.

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