Deprecated Functionality

Functionality listed under this section has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of AM.

Deprecated in AM 7.0.1
  • The SOAP STS service is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Installing instances of this service in AM 7.0.1 is not supported. However, upgrading existing instances is.

Deprecated in AM 7
  • Deprecated Embedded Directory Services

    The availability of the embedded DS instance is deprecated in AM 7.

    You can use it for evaluation and demonstration purposes only in AM 7.

    The embedded DS server will be removed in a future version of AM. You should switch to external DS servers.

    For more information, see Preparing External Stores.

  • Deprecated Authentication Chains and Modules

    Authenticating by using authentication chains and modules is deprecated in AM 7, and they will be removed in a future version of AM.

    You should migrate your environments to Intelligent Access using authentication trees and nodes.

    For more information, see "Authentication Nodes and Trees".

  • Deprecated Unused Authentication Methods in Hosted IDP Authentication Context Mapping

    Support for the following authentication methods in the Authentication Context table when configuring a hosted identity provider has been deprecated in AM 7:

    • User

    • Role

    • Resource URL

    The other authentication methods are not deprecated, and can be used to achieve the same results as the deprecated options.

    For more information about configuring SAML v2.0 authentication context mappings, see Authentication Context.

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