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Documentation Change Log

Initial Release of AM 7.0.2.

The following changes were made to the documentation:

  • Added an upgrade step to "To Upgrade From a Supported Version" about upgrading scripts as part of the process.

  • Improved the documentation about the request parameter of the /oauth2/authorize endpoint.

  • Updated "Supported Clients" to mention that support for Internet Explorer 11 ends August 17, 2021, in alignment with the announcement from Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer 11.

  • Updated Improvements in AM 7 to mention that the file includes a configuration file upgrade tool, in, for converting configuration files exported with the Amster command. This file was listed in Downloading AM, but not mentioned in these Release Notes.

  • Updated Session Upgrade to clarify that the ForceAuth parameter used with an authentication tree causes AM to issue a new session token, regardless of the security requirements.

  • Updated Deprecated in AM 7 to clarify that the ssoadm command and the configurator.jar, upgrade.jar, and ampassword tools remain deprecated.


The following changes were made to the documentation:


Initial Release of AM 7.0.1.

The following changes were made to the documentation alongside this release:


Initial release of AM 7.

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