Removed Functionality

Functionality listed under this section has been removed from AM.

Removed in AM 7.0.2
  • No features or functionality have been removed in this release.

Removed in AM 7.0.1
  • Installing instances of the SOAP STS service in AM 7.0.1 is not supported. However, upgrading existing instances is.

Removed in AM 7
  • Removed /openam/cdservlet

    The cdservlet servlet, which was used by Web Agents and Java Agents earlier than version 5 to accomplish CDSSO, has been removed from AM 7.

    As a result, the following has also been removed:

    • The classic CDSSO mode.

    • The following AM advanced server properties:


      • org.forgerock.openam.cdc.validLoginURIs

    • The JVM property.

    IDFF cdservlet-related legacy audit log events are no longer logged.

  • Removed Support for SAML v1.x

    Support for SAML v1.x has been removed from AM 7. However, AM 7 does support SAML v2.0.

    For more information about SAML v2.0, see the SAML v2.0 Guide.

  • Removed Supported APIs

    AM 7 removes the following APIs from the com.sun.identity.authentication.AuthContext class, to allow AM to support Java 11:

    • constructor: public AuthContext(String orgName, String nickName) throws AuthLoginException

    • constructor: public AuthContext(String orgName, String nickName, URL url) throws AuthLoginException

    • method: public static void setCertDBPassword(String password).

    The following APIs have also been removed:

    • Deprecated SAE_PARAM_APPID field removed from the SecureAttrs class.

    • Deprecated SiteAttributeMapper and PartnerSiteAttributeMapper interfaces removed.

      Instead, use the ConsumerSiteAttributeMapper interface.

    • Deprecated getAttributeMapForFedlet method removed.

      Instead, use the getAttributesForFedlet method.

  • Removed the SAML v2.0 Service Configurations Service

    This service has been removed by realm. The metadata and signing aliases have been removed from the global service configuration, since the providers now use secret stores.

  • Removed the CTS Reaper Advanced Server Property

  • Removed the Dashboard Wizards

    The wizards in the Dashboard of the administrative users have been removed. They were using the JATO implementation of the UI, which is not supported with Java 11.

  • Removed the org.forgerock.openam.audit.access.attempt.enabled Advanced Server Property

    It has been replaced with the advanced server property.

    For more information, see "Advanced Properties".

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