DS 7.1.4


Date Description


Release of Directory Services 7.1.4 software.


Release of Directory Services 7.1.3 software.


  • Updated Configure a NIST-Inspired Subentry Policy to clarify the default PBKDF2 iteration settings for the enabled password storage schemes.

  • Updated Java to clarify that to use TLS 1.3 with PKCS#11, DS requires Java 11.0.8 or later.

  • Updated Deployment Keys to clarify that the need for a single, unique deployment key and password per deployment.


  • Mentioned support for Java 17 in What’s New.

    DS 7.1.1 and later support Java 17.0.3 and later.

  • Updated Encrypt changelog data to clarify that changelog encryption affects only data on disk.

  • Updated JMX-Based Monitoring to show how to connect with a user using a simple bind and an insecure connection.


Initial release of Directory Services 7.1.2 software.

  • Updated Fractional Replication to clarify which attributes are replicated everywhere in the fractional replication deployment pattern.

  • Updated Deployment Keys to clarify that a deployment key is required for all deployments.

  • Updated Antivirus interference to limit the scope of what you allow antivirus and intrusion detection software to scan.

  • Updated When Adding New Servers and Clean Up Admin Data to be more explicit about when to start new DS 7 servers, and when to retire older servers.

  • Added a note to After You Upgrade to clarify that cn=Directory Manager stands for the name of the directory superuser account in DS 6.5 and earlier.



  • Clearly indicate in the Java requirements that DS requires Java 11.0.6 or later.

  • Updated Clean Up Admin Data to clarify that before removing admin data, you must replace or remove references to admin data from your configuration.


  • Corrected the command in Read-Only Replicas that configures a server to accept replication updates, and refuse updates from client applications.

  • Updated the list of actions at the beginning of After You Upgrade to clarify when and how to change bootstrap replication server settings in an upgrade that involves adding new servers and retiring old servers.




Initial release of Directory Services 7.1.1 software.

  • Fixed the procedures in After You Upgrade to retain access to required secret keys when upgrading a production-mode server in place.


  • Updated Manual Initialization to clarify the limitations of alternative methods for manually initializing replicas.

  • Added Replication Status (LDAP) to explain the ds-mon-status attribute values, and actions to take when the status is not Normal.

  • Updated Install DS for Custom Cases to clarify the steps to follow when you set up DS replicas without a setup profile, and then create backends that you want to replicate.





Initial release of Directory Services 7.1 software.

In addition to the changes described elsewhere in these notes, this documentation set includes the following important changes:

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