DS 7.2.0

Incompatible changes

  • The deployment key described in earlier DS 7 releases has been renamed deployment ID:

    • A deployment ID is not a cryptographic key or digital certificate.

    • A deployment ID does uniquely identify a DS deployment.

    The change affects the commands and the documentation:

    Old option New option





    The name change does not affect the deployment IDs (formerly keys) themselves. You can continue to use existing IDs (keys) in your deployments.

  • The setup command now requires a --deploymentId option.

    Before running setup for the first time, generate a deployment ID as shown throughout the documentation:

    $ /path/to/opendj/bin/dskeymgr create-deployment-id --deploymentIdPassword password
    $ export DEPLOYMENT_ID=<deployment-id>
  • With the introduction of the global configuration property, group-id-failover-order, which takes a comma-separated list of group IDs, commas are no longer permitted in group IDs.

    The upgrade command replaces each , with a . in group IDs.

  • The following changes affect proxy backend configurations:

    Old Property New Property





  • The lookthrough-limit setting has been removed. Use time-limit instead.

    DS servers now enforce time-limit and ds-rlimit-time-limit settings while evaluating the entries to return for a search, rather than enforcing time limits only when sending entries.

    DS servers now ignore the ds-rlim-lookthrough-limit setting.

  • The global advanced setting, cursor-entry-limit, has been replaced by a max-candidate-set-size setting, which corresponds to the maximum number of candidate entries that DS servers maintain in memory when querying attribute indexes.

  • The dsbackup command no longer supports specifying options before the subcommand.

    You must now put all options after the subcommand, as has always been indicated in the documentation.

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