DS 7.2.0


Date Description


Initial release of Directory Services 7.2 software.

In addition to the changes described elsewhere in these notes, this documentation set includes the following important changes:

  • Added Replication status (LDAP) to explain the ds-mon-status attribute values, and actions to take when the status is not Normal.

  • Added Debug a missing index, and updated the page to clarify answers to common questions about indexing.

  • Added Cloud storage samples to show realistic commands for backing up and restoring data at cloud providers.

  • Updated JSON query filters and added Complex JSON queries to demonstrate support for complex JSON query filters.

  • Added Check account usability to demonstrate use of the LDAP account usability control.

  • Added Test password policies to suggest using the DS password quality advice features to evaluate the effectiveness of a new password policy.

  • Updated the steps in Bootstrap replication servers to clarify that you only need to restart the server after changing its configuration if the server loads the list of bootstrap replication servers from the environment.

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