DS 7.2.0


The following lists show important bugs fixed after DS 7.1.

New fixes in DS 7.2

  • OPENDJ-8829: Error messages incorrectly mentions cn=System,cn=monitor

  • OPENDJ-8805: dsconfig exits when setting the "bootstrap-replication-server" property with a <null> value in the "Replication Service Discovery Mechanism".

  • OPENDJ-8792: SDK: Log SSL exceptions as errors instead of warnings

  • OPENDJ-8778: Setup option --trustStorePassword:file behaves differently than --trustStorePasswordFile

  • OPENDJ-8727: HTTP embedded listener throws IllegalStateException: Output channel is not set

  • OPENDJ-8698: DS should write config archive files in a crash consistent way

  • OPENDJ-8610: RS-RS session thread stuck in Session.send could prevent DS from shutdown

  • OPENDJ-8532: Error running export-ldif offline: "DatabaseConfig.setReadOnly() must be set to false when creating a Database"

  • OPENDJ-8473: Upgrade does not migrate ds-cfg-je-property values

  • OPENDJ-8383: dsrepl status fails when certificates accepted interactively

  • OPENDJ-8280: DS will not start when using a non US Locale after changing config

  • OPENDJ-8254: dsbackup restore/list slow to complete with cloud storage

  • OPENDJ-8227: Deadlock between Changelog DB purger and Thread for RS session

  • OPENDJ-8137: LDIF backend silently rejects entries that fail schema validation

  • OPENDJ-8046: Changelog files are not closed after searching cn=changelog

  • OPENDJ-8024: Prevent configuration of VLV indexes with scope base-object

  • OPENDJ-8008: OutOfMemoryException in subtree delete

  • OPENDJ-7991: makeldif: "invalid number of arguments" using DateTime tag with colons

  • OPENDJ-7596: dsbackup has global connection options that do not work with some subcommands

Fixed since DS 7.1.2

  • OPENDJ-8548: Optimize scoping of indexed searches

  • OPENDJ-8500: IllegalMonitorStateException after subtree read lock timeout when adding an entry

  • OPENDJ-8062: Possible inconsistent state after backup restore

  • OPENDJ-7970: Ensure that DS is crash resilient for all runtime file changes

  • OPENDJ-7816: dsbackup fails when destination is a symbolic link to a real directory

  • OPENDJ-4935: Replication instability and divergence when using high latency disks

Fixed since DS 7.1.1

  • OPENDJ-8243: Indexes could cause ldapsearch to return multiple copies of the same entry

  • OPENDJ-8226: Support Extract tool ignores non-default changelogDb location when collecting domains.state file

  • OPENDJ-8205: Log message lists an object’s string representation instead of a file name

  • OPENDJ-8115: -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore=<value> in OPENDJ_JAVA_ARGS throws NullPointerException

  • OPENDJ-8090: am-identity-store:7.1 setup profile is not functional

  • OPENDJ-8079: targattrsfilters expression does not work with 2 filters but permits 1 or more than 2 filters

  • OPENDJ-8028: Prometheus monitoring doesn’t work with Telegraf

  • OPENDJ-7971: dsbackup fails when JDB file cleaned

  • OPENDJ-7889: Configuring group-id against DS-only instance requires restart for the change to be reported by monitoring

  • OPENDJ-7818: Package based upgrade does not support instances running as non-root

  • OPENDJ-7755: DS 7.0 replication with older version, CryptoManager failed to import the symmetric key entry

  • OPENDJ-7744: dsrepl initialize in a topology with DS7 and DS 5.5 fails if DS7 serverId starts with 0

Security advisories

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ForgeRock’s security advisory policy governs the process on how security issues are submitted, received, and evaluated as well as the timeline for the issuance of security advisories and patches.

For details of all the security advisories across ForgeRock products, see Security Advisories in the Knowledge Base library.

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