DS 7.2.0

Known issues

The following important issues remained open at the time of this release:

  • OPENDJ-8815: dsrepl status does not take into account a status of Bad generation id

  • OPENDJ-8796: Virtual attribute providers ignore critical controls like VLV, paging and sort

  • OPENDJ-8779: The changelog no longer contains changes for domain X errors lead to a Bad generation id status

  • OPENDJ-8378: dsrepl status shows deleted replication domains

  • OPENDJ-8093: Stale replica information returned from cn=monitor

  • OPENDJ-8021: RS generation ID mismatch after initializing DS (not using dsrepl initialize)

  • OPENDJ-7942: The server ignores critical VLV request controls when falling back to an unindexed search

  • OPENDJ-7941: Client connections to proxy do not idle time out correctly

  • OPENDJ-7844: Difficult to override core schema

  • OPENDJ-7841: Backup to S3 can fail when DS has insufficient resources

  • OPENDJ-7837: Schema replication issues when adding a new server with conflicting schema to an existing topology

  • OPENDJ-7788: dsrepl initialize from 5.5 causes the ReplicationDomain listener to die with an NPE

  • OPENDJ-7763: Proxy service discovery with RS-only and DS-only seems not to route search

  • OPENDJ-7743: Setting DN-valued properties to a config expression causes startup to fail

  • OPENDJ-7741: dsrepl add-local-server-to-pre-7-0-topology requires a baseDN for an RS

  • OPENDJ-7640: Supportextract doesn’t collect all security store info if both key manager and trust manager use the same store file

  • OPENDJ-7516: External cn=changelog is not updated while replication initialization is in progress

  • OPENDJ-7219: PreParseAddOperation cannot remove attributes

  • OPENDJ-7197: Health Status returns OK however server is having JVM issues and cannot serve requests

  • OPENDJ-6579: Schema is not populated to remote instances if added before enabling replication

  • OPENDJ-6468: Some prometheus metrics are labeled as gauge, but seem to be counters

  • OPENDJ-6022: PTA to Active Directory returns more than one entry when only one exists

  • OPENDJ-3409: Retention and rotation policies do not work with CAUD handlers

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