Fixed in 7.0.2

The following important bug was fixed in DS 7.0.2:

  • OPENDJ-7810: JMX connections are always considered insecure

Fixed in 7.0.1

The following important bugs were fixed in DS 7.0.1:

  • OPENDJ-7674: Migrating encrypted changelog files during upgrade fails

  • OPENDJ-7612: replication divergence on CTS in the cloud

  • OPENDJ-7599: Cannot add a pre-encoded password to an entry without an existing password

  • OPENDJ-7554: Windows: Secrets not retrieved from :file command-line arguments

  • OPENDJ-7450: The startswith (sw) operator on indexed JSON attribute is slow

  • OPENDJ-7443: AM Identity Store 7.0 Setup profile missing "push2faEnabled" attribute

  • OPENDJ-7436: Backup to the cloud takes too much time

  • OPENDJ-5927: Server stuck on a DS trying to reconnect to an RS

  • OPENDJ-7523: Example plugin and example pwdscheme pom.xml is missing 7.0.0 as revision

Fixed in 7.0.0

The following important bugs were fixed in DS 7.0.0:

  • OPENDJ-6499: Query on rest2ldap over ssl gets stuck after few curl requests using TLSv1.3 on JDK11

  • OPENDJ-7115: DS does not start when deployed with ISTIO side car container in the GCP K8s cloud

  • OPENDJ-640: Text Query Against indexed telephoneNumber Attribute Very Slow

  • OPENDJ-6235: Stale ds-sync-hist attribute values reappear in the entry after replication is unconfigured

  • OPENDJ-6512: Problems when work queue fills

  • OPENDJ-6778: Proxy server mishandles abandon requests

  • OPENDJ-6787: Changelog searches are extremely slow if any cursors are exhausted

  • OPENDJ-6221: Logging for CONNECT operations are not saved in Nanosecond format

  • OPENDJ-6196: HTTP connection handler continues to listen to after setting listen-address

  • OPENDJ-6222: SMTP messages are sometimes not encoded with the correct charset

  • OPENDJ-6240: DS not honoring per user resource limits when processing RESTful operation requests

  • OPENDJ-6116: Unspecified Communications Error when multiple rest2ldap endpoints share configuration elements

  • OPENDJ-6527: Server does not return password policy responses with only warnings

  • OPENDJ-6557: IDM Password Sync plugin induces 100% CPU in Apache Http Components when used with JDK 11

  • OPENDJ-5661: supportextract tool help and version options are different from other tools

  • OPENDJ-5675: JDK11: supportextract tool cannot find jstack command

  • OPENDJ-5664: JDK 11: illegal reflective access warning during import-ldif

  • OPENDJ-5590: Proxy: server discovery fails silently when proxy base-dn differs from backend's base-dn

  • OPENDJ-5584: Server does not validate sum of memory used by JE backend caches in all cases

  • OPENDJ-4764: REST2LDAP gateway sasl-plain authorization doesn't handle dn: correctly

  • OPENDJ-6188: Backend returns an incorrect error type when disk space hits low threshold

  • OPENDJ-6349: "RuntimeException: Should never happen" in HttpClientConnection

  • OPENDJ-5660: JDK 11: illegal reflective access warning on setup (with profile)

  • OPENDJ-6540: The Supportextract hangs when loggers are configured to use /dev/stdout

  • OPENDJ-6711: Replication status reports The provided value "5277383431" could not be parsed as an integer.

  • OPENDJ-7016: status command outputs malformed JSON in script friendly mode

  • OPENDJ-5611: Change number indexing can lag behind replication under extreme load

  • OPENDJ-6173: cn=monitor memory pool stats do not get updated properly over time

  • OPENDJ-6377: Replication replay: issues with ReplaySynchronizer

  • OPENDJ-7176: Filters with malformed attribute descriptions cannot be parsed

  • OPENDJ-6733: SMTP handler sends incorrect email when account status is modified by manually updating ds-pwp-account-disabled attribute

  • OPENDJ-6521: setup checks admin port despite options --skipPortCheck --doNotStart

  • OPENDJ-4714: SSL handshake now sends 16KB list of CA issuer DNs

  • OPENDJ-7319: Addrate can run out of memory when --deleteMode off and --noPurge are set

  • OPENDJ-7286: Changelog searches can start with incorrect cursors

  • OPENDJ-6994: strict-format-country-string does not affect the server

  • OPENDJ-3121: Setup fails to create the lib/extensions directory in the instance.loc path, if a instance.loc file is used.

  • OPENDJ-2605: Debian packages should be idempotent

  • OPENDJ-1169: Exception/error lost when logging ERR_LOOP_REPLAYING_OPERATION

Security Advisories

ForgeRock issues security advisories in collaboration with our customers and the open source community to address any security vulnerabilities transparently and rapidly. ForgeRock's security advisory policy governs the process on how security issues are submitted, received, and evaluated as well as the timeline for the issuance of security advisories and patches.

For details of all the security advisories across ForgeRock products, see Security Advisories in the Knowledge Base library.

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