Known Issues

The following important issues remained open at the release of 7.0.2:

  • OPENDJ-7905: Schema replication error after upgrade

  • OPENDJ-7474: Docker sample provides wrong instructions for running the container

  • OPENDJ-7689: dsrepl add-local-server-to-pre-7-0-topology does not tolerate separate keystore and truststore

  • OPENDJ-7643: Log that is supposedly generated from dsreplication operation is empty or does not exist

  • OPENDJ-7516: External cn=changelog is not updated while dsreplication initialization is in progress

  • OPENDJ-7654: DS unable to connect to RS after full gc

  • OPENDJ-7763: Proxy service discovery with RS-only and DS-only seems not to route search

  • OPENDJ-7744: dsrepl initialize in a topology with DS7 and DS 5.5 fails if DS7 serverId starts with 0

  • OPENDJ-7837: Schema replication issues can result in duplicate schema and out-of-sync schema

  • OPENDJ-7818: Package based upgrade should be done as the root user

  • OPENDJ-7788: dsrepl initialize causes the ReplicationDomain listener to die with an NPE

  • OPENDJ-7755: DS 7.0 replication with older version, CryptoManager failed to import the symmetric key entry

  • OPENDJ-7851: Supportextract tool: clobbers the server.out filehandle when kill -3 is used.

  • OPENDJ-7513: Missing subSchemaSubEntry attribute from rootDSE access controls

  • OPENDJ-7844: Many limitations encountered trying to override core schema

  • OPENDJ-7481: JSON logs do not contain proxy auth DN

  • OPENDJ-7747: ldapmodify display full stack exception on LDIF errors if connection is already established

  • OPENDJ-7816: dsbackup fails when destination is a symbolic link to a real directory

  • OPENDJ-7737: ConfigurationFramework#initialize0 changes the class loader without clearing the map of registered jar files

  • OPENDJ-7847: StaticGroup's objectclass sanity checks are unhelpful

  • OPENDJ-7758: DS 7.0 dsrepl add-local-server-to-pre-7-0-topology: NPE if master-key is in different keystore

  • OPENDJ-7655: Replaying multiple MODIFYDN operations is very slow

  • OPENDJ-7867: NPE while backing up to GCS

  • OPENDJ-7699: Supportextract throws NoSuchElementException when the file is empty

  • OPENDJ-7687: Global Access Control Policy regarding cn=schema is too restrictive

  • OPENDJ-7745: DS6.5 - 7 Replication fails in Kubernetes

  • OPENDJ-7841: S3 Backup fails with low resources

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