• Support for Java 8 has been removed.

    Support for 32-bit JVMs has also been removed.

    When upgrading to this version, follow the instructions in "Supported Java".

  • The backup and restore commands have been removed. Use the dsbackup command instead.

  • The dsreplication command has been removed.

    You now configure replication as part of the setup process using the setup --replicationPort and setup --bootstrapReplicationServer options. For details and examples, see the Installation Guide.

    For most operations, use the dsrepl command. Since replication configuration is part of the setup process, the dsrepl command does not include a command for configuring replication. For examples using the new command, see Replication, and Changelog for Notifications.

    To temporarily suspend and resume replication, use the dsconfig command. For details, see "Disable Replication".

  • The ads-truststore and files have been removed.

    For new deployments, DS servers protect secret keys with a shared master key. The setup process derives the shared master key from the deployment key and password.

  • The JVM profiler plugin has been removed in this release.

  • The following monitoring metrics depending on the JVM implementation are not stable interfaces. They have been removed from the documentation:

    Garbage collection statistics

    Affected metrics have names like ds-mon-jvm-garbage-collector-* under cn=monitor, and ds_jvm_garbage_collector_* in Prometheus output.

    Memory pool use

    Affected metrics have names like ds-mon-jvm-memory-pools-* under cn=monitor, and ds_jvm_memory_pools_* in Prometheus output.

  • The No-Op alias for the LDAP no-op control (OID: has been removed.

    Use the NoOp alias or the OID instead.

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