Deprecated Features

August 10, 2021

Dynamic AM configuration in the amster Docker image

Adding dynamic AM configuration to the amster Docker image is deprecated.

Instead, import and export dynamic configuration in and out of the CDK and CDM using utilities such as:

  • The bin/amster command in the forgeops repository

  • ForgeRock Identity Platform REST APIs

  • IDM reconciliation

July 12, 2021

Previous CDK technology

The former way of deploying the CDK is now deprecated.

The documentation for the the former way of deploying the CDK, previously in the Cloud Developer’s Kit (CDK) menu, can be found here.

May 12, 2021

DevOps artifacts for deploying ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.0

The DevOps artifacts for deploying ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.0 are deprecated. You should migrate to version 7.1 as soon as you’re able to.

The DevOps artifacts for deploying version 7.0 of the platform have been removed from the master branch of the forgeops repository. You can still get them from the 2020.08.07-ZucchiniRicotta.1 release tag of the repository.

forgeops-secret job

The forgeops-secret job is deprecated. Use the new Secret Agent operator to obtain similar functionality, and for storing and retrieving secrets in Google Cloud Secret Manager, AWS Secrets Manager, and Azure Key Vault.

Cluster provisioning using Pulumi

The scripts that provision CDM clusters using Pulumi are deprecated. Use the new cluster provisioning and removal scripts to obtain similar functionality.

The Pulumi scripts are still available in the /path/to/forgeops/cluster/pulumi-deprecated directory to help you as you transition to the new cluster provisioning scripts. You should move to the new scripts as quickly as possible, because the Pulumi scripts will be removed from the forgeops repository in a future release.

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