June 30, 2022

IDM canonical configuration in the docker/idm/config-profiles/cdk directory

The IDM canonical configuration has been removed from the docker/idm/config-profiles/cdk directory. The configuration is now incorporated into the idm Docker image from Forge Rock.

It’s no longer necessary to copy files from this directory when initializing a new configuration profile.

For an updated procedure for creating a new configuration profile, see Create a Configuration Profile.

Installing the CDK using the skaffold run command

The ability to install the CDK using the skaffold run command, deprecated in version 7.1, is no longer available.

Use the bin/forgeops install command instead.

The cdk command

The cdk command has been removed from the forgeops repository.

Instead, use the new forgeops command to install ForgeRock Identity Platform components into the CDK, build custom Docker images, and delete components from the CDK. Note that for installing components into the CDK, you’ll need to specify the --cdk option. For example, forgeops install am --cdk.

The print-secrets command

The print-secrets command

The forgeops info command provides equivalent functionality in this version of the forgeops repository.

July 12, 2021

Cloud Deployment Quickstart (CDQ)

CDQ installation using the script is no longer available in the forgeops repository.

As an alternative, install the CDK without developer features in order to deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform quickly. For more information, see the CDK documentation.

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