Monitoring Customizations

This topic describes the CDM’s monitoring architecture. It also covers common customizations you might perform to change the way monitoring, reporting, and sending alerts works in your environment.

The CDM uses Prometheus to monitor ForgeRock Identity Platform components and Kubernetes objects, Prometheus Alertmanager to send alert notifications, and Grafana to analyze metrics using dashboards.

Prometheus and Grafana are deployed when you run the script. This script installs Helm charts from the prometheus-operator project into the monitoring namespace of a CDM cluster. These Helm charts deploy Kubernetes pods that run the Prometheus and Grafana services.

The following Prometheus and Grafana pods from the prometheus-operator project run in the monitoring namespace:

Pod Description


Handles Prometheus alerts by grouping them together, filtering them, and then routing them to a receiver, such as a Slack channel.


Generates Prometheus metrics for cluster node resources, such as CPU, memory, and disk usage. One pod is deployed for each CDM node.


Generates Prometheus metrics for Kubernetes API objects, such as deployments and nodes.


Provides the Grafana service.


Provides the Prometheus service.

See the prometheus-operator Helm chart README file for more information about the pods in the preceding table.

In addition to the pods from the prometheus-operator project, the import-dashboards-... pod from the forgeops project runs after Grafana starts up. This pod imports Grafana dashboards from the ForgeRock Identity Platform and terminates after importing has completed.

To access CDM monitoring dashboards, see CDM Monitoring.

The CDM uses Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring, reporting, and sending alerts. If you prefer to use different tools, deploy infrastructure in Kubernetes to support those tools.

Prometheus and Grafana are evolving technologies. Descriptions of these technologies were accurate at the time of this writing, but might differ when you deploy them.

Custom Grafana Dashboard Imports

The CDM includes a set of Grafana dashboards. You can customize, export and import Grafana dashboards using the Grafana UI or HTTP API.

For information about importing custom Grafana dashboards, see the Import Custom Grafana Dashboards section of the Prometheus and Grafana Deployment README file in the forgeops repository.

Prometheus Operator

The CDM’s monitoring framework is based on the Prometheus Operator for Kubernetes project. The Prometheus Operator project provides monitoring definitions for Kubernetes services and deployment, and management of Prometheus instances.

When deployed, the Prometheus Operator watches for ServiceMonitor CRDs—Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions. CRDs are Kubernetes class types that you can manage with the kubectl command. The ServiceMonitor CRDs define targets to be scraped.

In the CDM, the Prometheus Operator configuration is defined in the prometheus-operator.yaml file in the forgeops repository. To customize the CDM monitoring framework, change values in these files, following the examples documented in README files in the Prometheus Operator project on GitHub.

Additional Alerts

CDM alerts are defined in the fr-alerts.yaml file in the forgeops repository.

To configure additional alerts, see the Configure Alerting Rules section of the Prometheus and Grafana Deployment README file in the forgeops repository.