Notes covering new features, fixes and known issues in the ForgeRock Service Broker.


Read these release notes before you install ForgeRock Service Broker or update your existing ForgeRock Service Broker Installation.

The information contained in these release notes cover prerequisites for installation, known issues and improvements to the software, changes and deprecated functionality, and other important information.

About ForgeRock Identity Platform™ Software

ForgeRock Identity Platform™ is the only offering for access management, identity management, user-managed access, directory services, and an identity gateway, designed and built as a single, unified platform.

The platform includes the following components that extend what is available in open source projects to provide fully featured, enterprise-ready software:

  • ForgeRock Access Management (AM)

  • ForgeRock Identity Management (IDM)

  • ForgeRock Directory Services (DS)

  • ForgeRock Identity Gateway (IG)

  • ForgeRock Identity Message Broker (IMB)

Chapter 1. What's New

This chapter covers the new features, improvements, and fixes in the ForgeRock Service Broker.

1.1. ForgeRock Service Broker 1.0.10

1.1.1. Major New Features

The ForgeRock Service Broker 1.0.10 provides OAuth 2.0 services for application developers. For example, with by connecting your Cloud Foundry applications to an external OpenAM instance by using the ForgeRock Service Broker you can:

  • Obtain OAuth 2.0 access tokens using the client credentials grant type.

  • Validate OAuth 2.0 access tokens or OpenID Connect ID tokens passed your application.

1.2. Security Advisories

ForgeRock issues security advisories in collaboration with our customers and the open source community to address any security vulnerabilities transparently and rapidly. ForgeRock's security advisory policy governs the process on how security issues are submitted, received, and evaluated as well as the timeline for the issuance of security advisories and patches.

For more information on ForgeRock's security advisory policy, click the following link:

Chapter 2. Prerequisites

This chapter covers prerequisites for installing and running the ForgeRock Service Broker.

ForgeRock supports customers using the versions specified here. Other versions and alternative environments might work as well. When opening a support ticket for an issue, however, make sure you can also reproduce the problem on a combination covered here.

2.1. OpenAM Version Requirements

The external OpenAM versions that the ForgeRock Service Broker supports is outlined in the following table:

Table 2.1. ForgeRock Service Broker OpenAM Supported Versions
OpenAM VersionSupported?
11.0.x or earlierNo
13.5.x or newerYes

2.2. Special Requests

If you have a special request regarding support for a combination not listed here, contact ForgeRock at

Chapter 3. Changes and Deprecated Functionality

This chapter covers both major changes to existing functionality, and also deprecated and removed functionality.

3.1. Important Changes to Existing Functionality

3.1.1. ForgeRock Service Broker 1.0.10

  • This is the first release. No existing functionality has been changed in this release.

3.2. Deprecated Functionality

3.2.1. ForgeRock Service Broker 1.0.10

  • This is the first release. No functionality has been deprecated in this release.

3.3. Removed Functionality

3.3.1. ForgeRock Service Broker 1.0.10

  • This is the first release. No functionality has been removed in this release.

Chapter 4. Limitations and Known Issues

ForgeRock Service Broker issues are tracked at This chapter covers the status of key issues and limitations at release 1.

4.1. Limitations

The following limitations and workarounds are available for the ForgeRock Service Broker.

4.1.1. ForgeRock Service Broker 1.0.10

  • This is the first release. No limitations are attributed to this release.

4.2. Known Issues

The following important known issues apply to the ForgeRock Service Broker.

4.2.1. ForgeRock Service Broker 1.0.10

  • This is the first release. No known issues are attributed to this release.

Chapter 5. Documentation Updates

The following table tracks changes to the documentation set following the release of ForgeRock Service Broker 1:

Table 5.1. Documentation Change Log

Initial release.

Appendix A. Getting Support

For more information or resources about OpenAM and ForgeRock Support, see the following sections:

A.1. Accessing Documentation Online

ForgeRock publishes comprehensive documentation online:

  • The ForgeRock Knowledge Base offers a large and increasing number of up-to-date, practical articles that help you deploy and manage ForgeRock software.

    While many articles are visible to community members, ForgeRock customers have access to much more, including advanced information for customers using ForgeRock software in a mission-critical capacity.

  • ForgeRock product documentation, such as this document, aims to be technically accurate and complete with respect to the software documented. It is visible to everyone and covers all product features and examples of how to use them.

A.2. Using the Site

The site has links to source code for ForgeRock open source software, as well as links to the ForgeRock forums and technical blogs.

If you are a ForgeRock customer, raise a support ticket instead of using the forums. ForgeRock support professionals will get in touch to help you.

A.3. How to Report Problems or Provide Feedback

If you have found issues or reproducible bugs within ForgeRock Service Broker 1, report them in

When requesting help with a problem, include the following information:

  • Description of the problem, including when the problem occurs and its impact on your operation

  • Description of the environment, including the following information:

    • Machine type

    • Operating system and version

    • Web server or container and version

    • Java version

    • OpenAM version

    • Any patches or other software that might be affecting the problem

  • Steps to reproduce the problem

  • Any relevant access and error logs, stack traces, or core dumps

A.4. Getting Support and Contacting ForgeRock

ForgeRock provides support services, professional services, classes through ForgeRock University, and partner services to assist you in setting up and maintaining your deployments. For a general overview of these services, see

ForgeRock has staff members around the globe who support our international customers and partners. For details, visit, or send an email to ForgeRock at

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