Configure Connectors With the Admin UI

To configure connectors in the Admin UI, select Configure > Connector.

The Connector Types listed here do not include all supported connectors. The scripted connectors (such as scripted Groovy, scripted REST, scripted SQL, and PowerShell) are not available in the list of connector types. In general, the scripted connectors require extensive custom configuration changes, and a single HTML template to cover all possible permutations is not feasible. To add a scripted connector configuration, configure the connector over REST.

Additional connectors are available from the early access download site site. For connectors that are not bundled with Identity Cloud, the UI displays a generic template, based on the schema provided by the connector.

The tabs on the connector configuration screens correspond to the objects and properties described in the remaining sections of this chapter.

When a connector configuration is complete, and Identity Cloud is able to establish the connection to the remote resource, the Data tab displays the objects in that remote resource. For example, the following image shows the contents of a connected LDAP resource:

Data Tab For a Connected LDAP Resource
Image shows the data tab for a connected LDAP resource

You can search through these objects with either the Basic Filter shown in each column, or the Advanced Filter option, which lets you build many of the queries shown in "Define and Call Data Queries".

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