Script Configuration

To modify the parameters used for compiling, debugging, and running scripts, edit the script configuration.

Script Configuration Parameters

Any custom properties.


JavaScript debug and compile options. JavaScript is an ECMAScript language.

  • javascript.optimization.level - The current optimization level. Expected integer range is from -1 to 9. For more information about optimization level, see Rhino Optimization.

    The default value is 9.

  • javascript.recompile.minimumInterval - The minimum time between script recompile.

    The default value is 60000, or 60 seconds. This means that any changes made to scripts will not get picked up for up to 60 seconds. If you are developing scripts, reduce this parameter to around 100 (100 milliseconds).

    If you set the javascript.recompile.minimumInterval to -1, or remove this property from the script configuration, Identity Cloud does not poll JavaScript files to check for changes.


The directories where Identity Cloud looks for referenced scripts.

Excerpt of a script configuration displaying default directories:

"sources" : {
   "default" : {
       "directory" : "&{idm.install.dir}/bin/defaults/script"
   "install" : {
       "directory" : "&{idm.install.dir}"
   "project" : {
       "directory" : "&{idm.instance.dir}"
   "project-script" : {
       "directory" : "&{idm.instance.dir}/script"

Identity Cloud loads scripts from sources in reverse order (bottom to top).