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ForgeRock deploys Autonomous Access within your private Identity Cloud tenants (dev, stage, and production).

ForgeRock staff configures your ForgeRock ID Cloud tenant with an authentication journey that has three Autonomous Access nodes. These nodes are critical for data collection and API calls to the Autonomous Access AI server to get the risk scores. Based on where the risk score falls within a range of scores, the flow follows the paths set within the journey. For more details on each node, refer to Node reference for details on each node. For further customizations, you can also leverage the more than 100+ nodes within your journeys to implement in your use cases. Contact ForgeRock for more information.

Example journey

Autonomous Access provides an example journey you can use as a template for your applications.

ForgeRock uses the example journey for internal testing purposes; however, this journey is a good starting point to create more advanced journeys for production purposes.

Figure 1: Example Autonomous Access journey

auto access default journey nodes

  1. In the Identity Cloud admin UI, go to Journeys, and edit the Autonomous Access example.

    ForgeRock Professional Services staff will set up your example journey.
  2. The example journey uses the following nodes:

    For information about all available nodes, refer to Nodes for journeys. For Autonomous Access nodes, refer to Autonomous Access nodes.

  3. To test the journey, copy the Preview URL, and paste the URL into a browser using Incognito or Browsing mode.

  4. When you’re satisfied with your journey, click Save.

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