Accessing the AM REST APIs


You can use many, but not all, of the Access Management APIs with Identity Cloud. Before you can authenticate to the AM API server, you must first obtain a key and access token.

Obtaining AM API credentials

  1. In the Identity Cloud Admin UI, click the user icon, and then click Tenant Settings.

    Show me where

    tenant menu

  2. On the Global Settings tab, click Log API Keys.

  3. Click New Log API Key, provide a name for the key, and then click Create Key.

    A dialog box appears containing the new keys:

    log api key
  4. Store the api_key_id and api_key_secret values securely.

    You cannot view the api_key_secret value again once you click Done.
  5. Click Done.

    For a comprehensive list of AM APIs, see the AM REST API Explorer.

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