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Run campaigns

Campaigns are a process that certifies items. Before running campaigns, you must first set up a template. For more information, refer to Create or modify a template. Once you create a template, you can initiate a campaign.

Run campaigns step for access certifications.
Figure 1. Run campaigns step in access certifications

After you initiate a campaign, either through the ad-hoc (one time) run under the Templates tab or through the schedule set in the template, the Certification tab displays the certification.

See it in action
Turn template into a campaign GIF.
Figure 2. Example of turning a created template into a campaign

To access campaigns, from the Identity Cloud admin UI, click Certification > Campaigns tab.

Administration of campaigns in Identity Governance.
Figure 3. Campaigns tab

Every campaign has certifiers that validate the data within a campaign. These users are known as reviewers or certifiers.

View all campaigns

The landing page/modal on the Campaigns tab displays all Active campaigns.

To view campaigns that have a specific status, such as Closed or Canceled, click the Status drop-down and filter the status.

To view additional campaigns, click the caret icons at the bottom of the table.
Campaign statuses to filter
Status Description


The campaign is in progress. In the Status column, this includes the In-progress, Expiring and Overdue states.

  • In-progress: The campaign is in progress and active.

  • Expiring: The campaign is in process and will expire in two days or less. The deadline is defined in the template, but it can be updated at any time. For more information on updating a campaign deadline, refer to the Details tab.

  • Overdue: The campaign is past the expiration date but in process. Tasks still require completion. Identity Governance sets this status when you select one of the following settings in the template:

    • When to Certify > When certification expires > Close open items > Reassign.

    • Do nothing.

      The template defines the deadline; however, you can update the deadline at any time. For more information, refer to the Details tab.


The campaign expired. Identity Cloud triggers this status when you select When to Certify > When certification expires > Close open items > immediately in the template.


This campaign was canceled manually and is no longer in progress. In certain situations when there is an error creating the campaign from the template, a campaign might automatically go into this state.


The campaign finished as expected with no issues.


The campaign is staged and is not active. For more information, refer to the details section of creating a template.

Campaign landing page columns

The campaigns listed on the landing page of the Campaigns tab consists of a table with various columns.

Table 1. Campaign tab landing page columns
Field Description


The name of the campaign. This name is generated from the template.


The campaign completion date.


The state the campaign is in. Refer to Campaign statuses to filter for more information.


The percent complete of the campaign.

To view the percentage and number of items that are complete, hover over the progress icon.
To filter a column, click the up/down icon (where applicable).

View details of campaign

From the Campaigns tab on the landing page, click the desired campaign to view more details.

The selected campaign includes two tabs:

Details tab

The Details tab includes graphical information about the campaign. For example, the percentage of completeness or the reviews currently in progress.

The information is broken out into various cards. The following table shows the various information by card.

Campaign details page
Card/Title Description


Provides information about when the campaign expires. You can select Update Deadline to extend the duration of the campaign or Cancel Campaign.

  • If the campaign status is Staged, you can select Activate to kick-off the campaign.

  • If the campaign has the statuses of Canceled, Complete, or Closed, then the Update Deadline or Cancel Campaign options will not be present.

Campaign Details

Shows the percentage of the campaign complete, including the number of reviews completed versus the total amount of reviews, as well as general information about the campaign:

  • Campaign Owner: The person responsible for the overall campaign.

  • Duration: The length of the campaign.

  • Start Date: The date the campaign was started (either manually through ad-hoc or via a pre-defined schedule).

  • Deadline: The date the campaign expires.

  • Description: Information about the campaign.


Pie chart.

The number of new users versus previously certified users in the campaign.

Decisions Breakdown

Pie chart.

A breakdown of the decisions made in the campaign by certifiers (certified, revoked, exception).

Access by Application

Pie chart.

The number of accounts by application to be certified in the campaign.

Users with no email address


The number of users that do not have an email address on their ForgeRock profile.

Certifiers with no email address


The number of certifiers (reviewers) that do not have an email address on their ForgeRock profile.

Access reviews tab

The Access Reviews tab contains information on the certifiers in the campaign. The certifiers could be an individual or a role. This includes the progress they have made on their reviews, as well as the ability to view the items each certifier is responsible for.

By default, the page displays the certifiers who are reviewing the access review, which is in the Active state.

To view other statuses, select the Status drop-down:

Table 2. Certifier statuses to filter
Status Description


The certifier has line-items on the campaign that do not have a decision made on them. A line-item is a record for a certifier to review. For example, the user Barbara Jensen’s record that details their access to a particular application is a line-item.


The campaign has passed its deadline and the certifier has line-items that do not have a decision made on them.


The certifier has reviewed and made decisions on all the line-items assigned to them in their access review and signed off.

You can use the search icon to search for a specific campaign by its name.

There are three columns in the Access Reviews tab:

  • Certifier: The individual or users assigned to a role responsible for a part of the campaign.

  • Status: The status of the campaign.

  • Progress: The progress the certifier has made in their reviews.

    To view the percentage and number of items that are complete, hover over the progress icon.
Click the arrow icon on Certifier to filter alphabetically (ascending or descending).

The ellipses (…​) to the right of the table shows additional features, such as forwarding a certifier’s items to another person or users assigned to a role.

To gain a detailed view of the items left for a certifier, click on their record in the table. The drilled-down view is the same view a certifier utilizes when completing their items for the campaign. For more information on this view, refer to User items.

Cancel existing campaign

You can only cancel a campaign that is in the Active state (which includes the states Expiring and Overdue). For more information, refer to Campaign statuses to filter.

There are two ways to cancel a campaign:

  1. When viewing all campaigns from the Certifications > Campaigns landing page:

    1. Click the ellipses (…​) next to the campaign.

    2. Click Cancel.

    3. Click Cancel Campaign.

  2. In the drill-down campaign view:

    1. Click into a campaign.

    2. Click Cancel Campaign.

    3. Click Cancel Campaign again in the confirmation screen.

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