Identity Cloud

Phase 3. Adopt and mature

After completing the transformation phase, the proposed solution is ready to be adopted. The main goals of this phase are:

  • Set up basic administration requirements:

    • Complete basic tenant administration tasks

    • Review the promotions process and create ESVs

    • Establish and configure password policies, email templates and custom domains

  • Set up data migration:

    • Configure the required connectors for data syncing

    • Configure synchronization mappings

  • Set up authentication and self-service journeys

  • Configure migration by levering appropriate S2S migration tools including OAuth, SAML, and policies

  • Integrate applications with ForgeRock Identity Cloud:

    • Standard-based applications: SAML/ OIDC

    • Non-standard based applications: Agents/ IG

    • SDK-integrated applications

  • Design and configure authorization policies

  • Set up user interface and branding, such as theming built-in UI and custom UI


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