Identity Cloud


At the outset, an overall cloud adoption plan is created to guide the adoption project team and crystallize how the ForgeRock Identity Cloud services will be used. The most common path focuses on speed, efficiency, and repeatability of the migration processes.

The following preparatory tasks need to be completed to start adopting the Identity Cloud:

Tenant provisioning

Based on the request from the customer, the ForgeRock Identity Cloud team provisions the tenant.

The main goals of this phase are:

Project governance

In this phase, the tasks are performed collaboratively by ForgeRock, the customer, and the implementation partner.

The main goals of this phase are:

  • Schedule a kick-off meeting and review the tasks and important milestones.

  • Schedule project resources.

  • Establish communication logistics such as instant messaging channels, documentation, and issues tracking.

  • Review the existing artifacts and workshop reports (if any).

  • Review any existing (on-premises) ForgeRock platform configurations and extensions.


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