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Pending release

   Updated 21 Jun 2022.

Key features

ESV variable expression types

You will be able to use the expressionType parameter on the ESV API to set a type when you create an ESV variable. This lets Identity Cloud correctly transform the value of the ESV to the correct configuration property type when substituting it into configuration. This is an important step on the journey towards self-service configuration promotion.

At present the ESV UI can only set the type to string (the default). The process for defining ESVs and promoting configuration remains the same.

Resolved issues

Issue ID Summary


Add expression types to ESV metadata

Last release

   21 Jun 2022. See changelog.


Pending release

   Updated 09 June 2022.

Key features

Event hook creation from the UI

The new Event Hooks option in the Identity Cloud admin UI lets you trigger scripts when system events occur.

Additional fonts in custom themes

You can now use any Google Font in your custom themes, so that you can better tailor your end users' interactions with Identity Cloud. The Google Font library provides hundreds of fonts.

Resolved issues

Issue ID Summary


Allow any Google Font to be used on hosted pages


Implement Event Hooks option

Last release

   09 Jun 2022. See changelog.

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