Identity Cloud

Epic EMP application

The Identity Cloud Epic EMP application lets you manage and synchronize data between Epic EMP and Identity Cloud.

To create an Identity Cloud Epic EMP application, complete the following:

Provision settings for an Epic EMP application

  1. Set up a remote connector server (RCS).

  2. Install the Epic connector on your RCS.

  3. In Identity Cloud admin UI, on the Provisioning tab:

    • If setting up provisioning for the first time, click Set up Provisioning.

    • When editing existing settings in the Connection area, click Settings.

  4. Configure the following fields:

    Field Description

    Client ID

    The client ID for OAuth 2.0 flow.

    Private Key

    The Epic private key in PKCS#8 format.

    User Name

    The Epic user name for the connection.


    The Epic password for the connection.

    Template File Path

    The user template file location.

    Sub-Template File Path

    The user sub-template file location.

    In Basket File Path

    The in basket classifications file location.

    Groups File Path

    The groups file location.

    Max Records (optional)

    The maximum records returned for each search operation.

  5. Optionally, click Show advanced settings to set any of the following options:

    Field Description

    Max Connections

    The maximum number of connections.

    Connection Timeout

    The connection timeout (in seconds).

    Token Validity

    The token validity period.

    Proxy Host

    The Proxy server host.

    Proxy Port

    The Proxy server port.

    Proxy User Username

    The Proxy server login username.

    Proxy User Password

    The Proxy server login password.

    REST API Endpoint

    The REST endpoint URL.

    SOAP API Endpoint

    The SOAP endpoint URL.

  6. Click Connect.

  7. Verify the information in the Details tab.

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