Identity Cloud

View a report about the last reconciliation

You can view information about the last reconciliation, such as:

  • The percent of all accounts successfully reconciled.

  • Information about each reconciled account: mapping source, mapping target, attempted action, and the result of the reconciliation.

Before you perform the following steps, make sure you run reconciliation.

  1. On the Reconciliation > Settings tab, click Show advanced settings.

  2. To view a searchable table report of the last reconciliation results, set Persist Associations to true.

    • If set to true, the UI displays a reconciliation report table and a search field that lets you search the table. The table displays below the reconciliation percentage graphic and percentage bars.

    • If set to false, the UI does not display a reconciliation report table.
      To filter the report results, enter text in the Search users field.
      To view different subsets of the report (1-to-1 match / no match), click View and select an item from the drop-down list.

For large reconciliations jobs:
To avoid performance issues, ForgeRock recommends that you leave Persist Associations set to false.
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