Using an Email Service


ForgeRock Identity Cloud provides a default email service and a set of ready-to-use email templates. Use these in your tenant development environment to quickly create and test email-dependent journeys. Registration and password reset end-user journeys, for example, usually include an email component.

Setup Process

  1. Customize an email template.

  2. In your tenant development environment, create and test a journey that uses an email node.
    By default, Identity Cloud uses the default email service to test the email node.

  3. When you’re satisfied with your test results:

    1. Configure your own email service provider.

    2. Verify that your email templates work with your own service provider.

  4. Promote your configuration changes to your tenant staging environment.

  5. (Optional) You can revert to the default email service settings for testing purposes. But, be sure to configure your own email provider before promoting configuration changes to your tenant staging environment.

Do not use the default email service in a tenant production environment. Identity Cloud provides this ready-to-use service for testing purposes only.