Identity Cloud

Use ESVs in federation providers

If you are setting up a federation provider in Identity Cloud, you must store the federation provider secrets in ESV secrets, set corresponding placeholders in your configuration, and promote the configuration to your environments.

Configure federation provider secrets in ESVs

Follow the instructions in Set up configuration placeholders to reference an ESV to configure your development, staging, and production environments:

Rotate a federation provider secret in an ESV

You can rotate a federation provider secret stored in an ESV secret by creating a new secret version.

For your development, staging, or production environment:

  1. In the federation provider configured for the environment, create a new secret and make a note of it. Refer to Create a new federation provider secret.

  2. Add a new secret version to the ESV secret using the value of the new federation provider secret from the previous step. Refer to Update an ESV referenced by a configuration placeholder.

  3. Restart Identity Cloud services.

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