ICF/Connector Issues

  • OPENICF-1615: MS Graph API Connector: Deleting Azure AD group works but throws HTTP 500

  • OPENICF-1614: MS Graph API Connector: Livesync on user/group does not populate membership

  • OPENICF-1372: LDAP Connector: Creating an LDAP AD group with groupObjectClasses returns exception

  • OPENICF-1190: Database Table Connector: unable to write DATE column to postgres

  • OPENICF-1232: UI: Button 'Cancel Reconciliation' is not refreshed on Mappings UI and Mapping Detail UI

  • OPENICF-1299: Google Group Membership failure

  • OPENICF-848: ServiceNow: user_password is not encrypted and it's shown in plaintext

  • OPENICF-1519: Java RCS: New websocket creation blocks other websockets

  • OPENICF-1181: Google Apps connector: Unable to delete custom attributes

  • OPENICF-1612: Changing from specific to ranged bundleVersion for connector results in error

  • OPENICF-1635: RCS Agent: required OAuth 2.0 scopes is not checked

  • OPENICF-1226: GoogleApps Connector: Confirm that user can be assigned to multiple groups

  • OPENICF-871: MongoDB, Kerberos build script changes \$ to $ in scripts

  • OPENICF-1491: Quotes are removed when reading in a JSON string from a CSV connector

  • OPENICF-557: .Net connector server: active websockets are not closed properly on server stop

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