Web Policy Agents 5.10.2

Incompatible changes

The following change introduced in this release can impact your migration from Web Agent 5.9.x:

Incompatible changes in Web Agent 5.10.1

No incompatible changes were introduced in this release.

Incompatible changes in Web Agent 5.10

  • Regular expression pattern matching is platform-dependent.

    IIS agents use Windows libraries and ECMAScript-compatible regular expressions. Adapt the regular expression settings for IIS agents to account for this change.

  • From Web Agent 5.8.1, when Enable Fragment Redirect is true, the agent redirects the user back to the original resource using an absolute URL. In previous Web Agent 5 versions, the agent redirects the user using a relative URI.

    Proxy rules that rely on fragment redirect to a relative URI, now result in a redirect to a full URL. For example a redirect to /a/b#c results in the final URL prot://host:port/a/b#c.

    Ordered rules that rely on matching a plain URL followed by fully qualified alternatives can result in the fully qualified alternatives matching first.

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