Important information about ForgeRock Identity Platform™ deployment using DevOps techniques.

1. About This Technology Preview

This Start Here document and two accompanying guides provide information about a technology preview that's available in the skaffold-6.5 branch of the forgeops repository. The technology preview contains upcoming features that greatly simplify ForgeRock Identity Platform configuration and deployment.

Read Deploying the ForgeRock Platform on Kubernetes using Skaffold and Kustomize for more information about the upcoming technology changes, and the reasons for the changes.

Read "Technology Preview" in the DevOps Release Notes for information about the technology preview features.

Refer to the following guides for detailed information about how to use the technology preview features:


This technology preview helps you familiarize yourself with upcoming changes to techniques used in ForgeRock DevOps deployments. Do not use the technology preview for production deployments.

2. Take Stock of Your DevOps Skills

ForgeRock provides the forgeops Git repository, the Cloud Deployment Model (CDM) Cookbooks, and the ForgeRock Cloud Developer's Kit (CDK) to help you get started in the cloud. Used together, these resources demonstrate deploying ForgeRock Identity Platform™ (the platform) on Kubernetes. Before you proceed, review the following precautions:

  • Deploying ForgeRock software in a containerized environment requires advanced proficiency in many technologies. These include, but are not limited to: Docker, Kubernetes, load balancers, DNS, public key infrastructure (PKI), Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

  • You'll have to adapt the examples in the documentation to suit your production requirements. These resources are provided for demonstration purposes only.

  • Don't deploy ForgeRock software in Kubernetes in production until you have successfully deployed and tested the software in a non-production Kubernetes environment.

  • If you don't have experience with complex Kubernetes deployments, then either engage a certified ForgeRock consulting partner or deploy the platform on traditional architecture.

For information about obtaining support for ForgeRock Identity Platform software, see "Getting Support" in the DevOps Release Notes.

3. Cloud Developer's Kit (CDK)

Development path depicts starting point, setup, customize and test ForgeRock components, and launch in production.

The CDK Technology Preview is for developers who customize and deploy AM, DS, or IDM components. With some additional work on the SRE path, the CDK will take you all the way to a production-quality deployment. This path will seem familiar to you if you are already familiar with the Platform, and if you have have experience with Docker and Kubernetes.

To get started: Follow the examples in Technology Preview: Using a Shared Cluster or Technology Preview: Using Minikube .

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