ForgeRock SDKs

SDK permissions

The ForgeRock Android SDK requires certain permissions depending on your use case.

Internet permissions (required)

Your Android app requires the following permission to access the Internet:

Permission name Description


Lets applications open network sockets.

SSO permissions (optional)

Your Android app requires the following SSO permissions if your app supports:

  • SSO

  • API Level 21 and earlier

Permission name Description


Lets the app use the account authenticator capabilities of the AccountManager, including creating accounts and getting and setting their passwords.


Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service.


Lets the app perform operations like adding and removing accounts, and deleting passwords.


Allows use of accounts on the device.

Lets the app request authentication tokens.

Location permissions (optional)

Your Android app requires the following location permissions if your app needs to capture location information during device profiling:

Permission name Description


Lets the app access precise location.


Lets the app access approximate location.

Remove permissions

You may remove SSO permissions if your Android app does not support SSO, or does not support API Level 21 and earlier.

In general, to remove an Android SDK permission, in the AndroidManifest.xml file, add syntax like the following:

 tools:node="remove" />

For example:

 tools:node="remove" />
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