ForgeRock SDKs

Use the SDKs

The ForgeRock SDKs let you quickly integrate ForgeRock® Identity Platform authentication into your web or mobile apps. We currently offer iOS, Android, and JavaScript SDKs.

Registration and authentication trees

The SDK registration and authentication trees let you quickly create and configure end-user profiles. You can plug in to external providers like jailbreak detectors and anomaly analyzers, for example. The SDK responds in real time to update the end-user’s journey.


Access token acquisition

The SDK orchestrates multi-step OAuth 2.0 token acquisition and management.

token management


Tiered component design allows integration at any level. The SDK contains UI-rendering modules, intermediate API wrappers, and lower-level APIs.


Abstraction layer

The SDK architecture is consistent across frameworks, and provides an abstraction layer to consume integrations and make them uniform.

SDK abstraction layer en
Figure 1. An abstraction layer provides easy access to the SDK’s core functionality.
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