ForgeRock SDKs


If the user’s mobile device has never been registered in AM, the device must be registered through the WebAuthn Registration node, which is returned as a WebAuthnRegistrationCallback by the Android SDK.

Perform registration

WebAuthnRegistrationCallback callback = node.getCallback(WebAuthnRegistrationCallback.class);
callback.register(this, node, new FRListener<Void>() {
    public void onSuccess(Void result) {
        // Registration is successful
        // Submit the Node using

    public void onException(Exception e) {
        // An error occurred during the registration process
        // Submit the Node using

The WebAuthnRegistrationCallback.register() method has a parameter, Node.

If the current node contains WebAuthnRegistrationCallback and HiddenValueCallback, the SDK automatically sets the outcome of the registration process for both success and failure to the designated HiddenValueCallback.

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