ForgeRock SDKs

Register for push notifications

To obtain the settings for handling push notifications, register the application with AM.

When you access the push authentication tree you created earlier, you are asked to register the device by scanning a QR code:

Registering an identity in iOS

You must implement a QR code scanning mechanism in your app. To view an example, see the sample authenticator application in the forgerock-ios-sdk repository.

After your scan the QR code, to receive the Mechanism object, implement FRAClient.shared in your ViewController, or View.

guard let fraClient = FRAClient.shared else {
    print("FRAuthenticator SDK is not initialized")

fraClient.createMechanismFromUri(uri: url, onSuccess: { (mechanism) in
    // Method call occurs when device enrollment is successful.
}, onError: { (error) in
    // Method call occurs when device enrollment fails.
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