ForgeRock SDKs

JavaScript GitHub and API reference

The ForgeRock JavaScript SDK APIs are grouped into the following modules:


Provides the core functionality of the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK. Use the module to integrate ForgeRock Identity Platform authentication and authorization into your mobile app.


Provides pre-defined UI elements to demonstrate the functionality of the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK. Use this add-on module to quickly prototype and demonstrate the authentication flows your application will provide. WARNING: Prototyping Only. The FRUI module is for prototyping your UI, and is not intended for production use, as-is.

Additional modules include:

Module Name Description


Shared configuration used by SDK modules


A generic OAuth client consumed by other modules; also available for developer convenience


Manages session token exchange and storage of access tokens


Provides access to user profile information

See the JavaScript API Reference for detailed information about the modules and interfaces included in the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK.

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