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Step 3. Run the sample app and perform centralized login

In the following procedure, you run the sample app that you configured in the previous step. The app performs a centralized login on your PingOne instance.

Log in as a demo user

  1. In Android Studio, select Run  Run 'app'.

  2. On the Environment screen, ensure the PingOne environment you added in the previous step is selected.

    android sample app env en
    Figure 1. Select the PingOne environment
  3. Tap the menu icon (), and then tap Centralize Login:

    android sample app centralized login en
    Figure 2. From the menu, select Centralize Login.

    The app launches a web browser and redirects to your PingOne environment:

    android sample app pingone en
    Figure 3. Browser launched and redirected to PingOne
  4. Sign on using the credentials of the demo user:

    • Name: demo

    • Password: Ch4ng3it!

    If authentication is successful, the application returns to the user info screen.

  5. Tap Show Userinfo to display the details of the token issues to the demo user:

    android sample app userinfo en
    Figure 4. User info of the demo user
  6. Tap the menu icon (), and then tap Logout.

    The app briefly opens a browser to log the user out of PingOne, and revoke the tokens.

    To verify the user is logged out:

    1. In the PingOne administration console, navigate to Directory > Users.

    2. Select the user you signed in as.

    3. From the Sevices dropdown, select Authentication:

      pingone sessions en
      Figure 5. Checking a user’s sessions in PingOne.

      The Sessions section displays any existing sessions the user has, and whether they originate from a mobile device.

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