ForgeRock Developer Experience

Step 3. Configure the SDK

In the following procedure, you open the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK project in the Visual Studio Code IDE, install the required modules, and build the project.

Build in Visual Studio Code

  1. In the Terminal app, click New Terminal.

    A new terminal window appears, docked to the bottom of the main window.

  2. Navigate to the forgerock-javascript-sdk folder you downloaded previously.

  3. In the terminal window, enter the following to install the required packages:

    npm i

    The npm tool downloads the required packages, and places them inside a node_modules folder.

  4. In the terminal window, type: npm run build.

    This builds the ForgeRock JavaScript SDK. You can find the built files in packages/javascript-sdk/bundles.

    You can also choose to leverage a CDN like unpkg, or Skypack.

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