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Create the user journey

The following content applies to ForgeRock iOS and JavaScript SDKs.

Authentication journeys (trees) provide fine-grained authentication by allowing multiple paths and decision points throughout the authentication flow. Authentication journeys are made up of nodes that define actions taken during authentication.

Nodes are granular. Each node performs a single task, such as collecting a username or making a simple decision. Nodes can have multiple outcomes rather than just success or failure. For details, see the Authentication nodes configuration reference in the AM documentation.

  1. In your Identity Cloud tenant, navigate to Journeys, and click + New Journey.

  2. Enter a name, such as sdkAuthenticationTree, and click Save.

    The authentication journey designer appears.

  3. Drag the following nodes into the designer area:

    • Page Node

    • Platform Username

    • Platform Password

    • Data Store Decision

  4. Drag and drop the Platform Username and Platform Password nodes onto the Page Node, so that they both appear on the same page when logging in.

  5. Connect the nodes as follows:

    Example user authentication journey
  6. Select the Page Node, and in the Properties pane, set the Stage property to UsernamePassword.

    You can configure the node properties by selecting a node, and altering properties in the right-hand panel.

    One of the samples uses this specific value to determine the custom UI to display.

  7. Click Save.

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