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Register an OAuth 2.0 client

The following content applies to all SDKs.

An OAuth 2.0 client profile defines how an application obtains OAuth 2.0 tokens.

The OAuth 2.0 provider server defines the options available to a client profile.

  1. In the AM admin UI, under Applications > OAuth 2.0 > Clients, click Add Client.

  2. Enter the following details:

    • Client ID = ForgeRockSDKClient

    • Client secret = (leave blank)

    • Redirection URIs =

    • Scope(s) = openid, profile, email, address, phone

  3. Click Create.

    AM creates the new OAuth 2.0 client profile, and displays the properties for further configuration.

  4. On the Core tab:

    1. Set the Client type property to Public.

    2. Disable the Allow wildcard ports in redirect URIs property.

    3. Click Save Changes.

  5. On the Advanced tab:

    1. For Android and iOS applications, make sure Grant Types contains Authorization Code and Refresh Token.

    2. Set the Token Endpoint Authentication Method field to None.

    3. Enable the Implied consent property.

      To properly enable Implied consent, the OAuth2 Provider must be configured to allow clients to skip consent. For more information, see the AM reference.

    4. Click Save Changes.

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