ForgeRock SDKs

Release notes

ForgeRock SDK for Android

Android SDK 3.4.0

September 29, 2022 minor


  • Dynamic SDK Configuration. [SDKS-1759]

  • Android 13 support. [SDKS-1944]


  • Changed activity type used as parameter in PushNotification.accept. [SDKS-1968]

  • Updated deserialization of objects to use a class allowlist to prevent access to untrusted data. [SDKS-1818]

  • Updated the Authenticator module and sample app to handle the new POST_NOTIFICATIONS permission in Android 13. [SDKS-2033]

  • Fixed an issue where the DefaultTokenManager was not caching the AccessToken in memory upon retrieval from Shared Preferences. [SDKS-2066]

  • Deprecated the forgerock_enable_cookie configuration. [SDKS-2069]

  • Align forgerock_logout_endpoint configuration name with the ForgeRock SDK for iOS. [SDKS-2085]

  • Allow leading slash on custom endpoint path. [SDKS-2074]

  • Fixed bug where the state parameter value was not being verified upon calling the Authorize endpoint. [SDKS-2078]

Android SDK 3.3.3

June 22, 2022 minor


  • Updated the version of the com.squareup.okhttp3 library in the SDK to 4.10.0 [SDKS-1957]

Android SDK 3.3.2

June 21, 2022 minor


  • Interface for log management [SDKS-1864]

Android SDK 3.3.0

May 18, 2022 minor


  • Support SSL pinning [SDKS-80]

  • Restore session token when it is out of sync with the session token that bound with the access token [SDKS-1664]

  • Session token should be included in the header instead of request parameter for /authorize endpoint [SDKS-1670]

  • Support to broadcast logout event to clear application tokens when user logout the app [SDKS-1663]

  • Obtain timestamp from new PushNotification payload [SDKS-1666]

  • Add new payload attributes to the PushNotification [SDKS-1776]

  • Allow processing of push notifications without device token [SDKS-1844]


  • Dispose AuthorizationService when no longer required [SDKS-1636]

  • Authenticator sample app crash after scanning push mechanism [SDKS-1454]

Android SDK 3.2.0

January 26, 2022 minor


  • Google Sign-In Security Enhancement.

  • Fix for WebAuthn Registration & Authentication prompt.

Android SDK 3.1.2

October 28, 2021 minor


  • Disable native SSO when the SDK fails to access the Android AccountManager.

Android SDK 3.1.1

September 09, 2021 minor


  • Support for Android 12.

  • Unlocked device is not required for data decryption.

  • Introduced FRLifecycle interface and exposed interfaces to allow custom native SSO implementation.

ForgeRock SDK for iOS

iOS SDK 3.4.1

November 15, 2022 minor


  • Updated legacy encryption algorithm used for generation of cryptographic keys stored in Secure Enclave [SDKS-1994]

  • Fixed an issue related to push notifications timeout [SDKS-2164]

  • Fixed an unexpected error occurring during the decoding of some push notifications [SDKS-2199]

iOS SDK 3.4.0

September 22, 2022 minor


  • Dynamic SDK Configuration [SDKS-1760]

  • iOS 16 Support [SDKS-1932]


  • Fixed build errors on Xcode 14 [SDKS-2073]

  • Fixed bug where the state parameter value was not verified upon calling the Authorize endpoint [SDKS-2077]

iOS SDK 3.3.2

June 20, 2022 minor


  • Interface for log management [SDKS-1863]


  • Fixed memory leak in the NetworkCollector class [SDKS-1931]

iOS SDK 3.3.1

June 08, 2022 minor


  • Add PushType.biometric support and BiometricAuthentication class for biometric authentication. Updated sample app to handle new Push types [SDKS-1865]


  • Fixed the bug when refreshing the access token we return the old token [SDKS-1824]

  • Fixed bug when multiple threads are trying to access the same resource in the deviceCollector and ProfileCollector [SDKS-1912]

iOS SDK 3.3.0

May 19, 2022 minor


  • SSL pinning support [SDKS-1627]

  • Obtain timestamp from new push notification payload [SDKS-1665]

  • Add new payload attributes in the push notification [SDKS-1775]

  • Apple Sign In enhancements to get user profile info [SDKS-1632]


  • Remove "Accept: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" header from /authorize endpoint for GET requests [SDKS-1729]

  • Remove iPlanetDirectoryPro (or session cookie name) from the query parameter, and inject it into the header instead [SDKS-1708]

  • Fix issue when expired push notification displayed as "Approved" in the notification history list [SDKS-1491]

  • Fix issues with registering TOTP accounts with invalid period [SDKS-1405]

iOS SDK 3.2.0

January 27, 2022 minor


  • Updated GoogleSignIn library to the latest version 6.1.0.

  • FRGoogleSignIn is now available through SPM.

iOS SDK 3.1.1

November 17, 2021 minor


  • Added custom implementation for HTTPCookie for iOS 11+ devices, to support NSSecureCoding for storing cookies.

  • Changed all instances of Archiving/Unarchiving to use NSSecureCoding.

  • SecuredKey initializer now supports passing a Keychain accessibility flag.

  • SecuredKey now has the same default Keychain accessibility flag as the KeychainService ".afterFirstUnlock".

iOS SDK 3.1.0

September 25, 2021 minor


  • Fixed an issue where the MetadataCallback was overriding the stage property of a node.

  • Fixed an issue which was affecting the centralized login feature.

  • Various bug fixes and enhancements for the Authenticator SDK.

ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript

JavaScript SDK 3.4.0

October 10, 2022 minor


  • Fixed HTTP headers by capitalizing all header names

  • Added support for TextInput callback

  • Updated device profile collection code:

    • Added optional chaining to protect object checks in both browser and node environments

    • Changed usage of window.crypto to globalThis.crypto to improve compatibility

JavaScript SDK 3.3.0

April 25, 2022 minor


  • Added Angular sample app.

  • Added token threshold feature.


ForgeRock SDK 3.0

May 24, 2021 major


  • Set up social login.

  • Mobile biometrics.

  • iOS SDK now supports Swift Package Manager.

  • Android and iOS SDKs now provide a revokeAccessToken method to revoke OAuth tokens, but preserve session.

Breaking changes

Code that has been deprecated in one of the earlier 2.x releases has been removed from the SDK in 3.0.

Android SDK:

  • Removed Config.getInstance(Context).

  • Removed FRAuth Builder.

  • Removed FRUserViewModel.


  • Removed public var value from SingleValueCallback.

  • Removed FRURLProtocolResponseEvaluationCallback.

  • Removed FRURLProtocol.validatedURLs.

  • Removed the deprecated (public func next) method.

JavaScript SDK:

  • WebAuthn’s thrown error message text has been changed to align with the specification.

  • Renamed getAuthorizeUrl method to getAuthCodeByIframe.

  • Removed the single parameter from createVerifier function.

  • Removed nonce function.

Known limitations

  • Cross-platform (Android, iOS and JavaScript) support for social login requires Identity Cloud, or AM 7.1 or later.

  • The SDK’s officially supported identity providers for social login are Apple, Facebook, and Google.

  • Mobile biometric authentication for both the Android and iOS SDKs requires Identity Cloud, or AM 7.1 or later.

Documentation updates

ForgeRock SDK 2.2

December 18, 2020 minor


Documentation updates

ForgeRock SDK 2.1

August 21, 2020 minor


  • Support for AM 7.

  • Support for self-registration and self-service trees. To determine the level of support, see Supported Callbacks.

    Authentication and registration using social identity providers is not supported in this release.
  • Support for web authentication (WebAuthn).

  • Support for suspended authentication.

  • Added processing for new callbacks:

    • NumberAttributeInputCallback

    • BooleanAttributeInputCallback

    • SuspendedTextOutputCallback

  • Support for obtaining the "Page Header" and "Page Description" values from a Page node.

Documentation updates

Known issues

No known issues at this time.

ForgeRock SDK 2.0

June 30, 2020 major


Documentation updates


December 10, 2019 preview


For a complete list of features, see Feature highlights.


October 21, 2019 beta


For a complete list of features, see Feature highlights.


The following features are deprecated, and will be removed from a future version.

Android native single sign-on (SSO) 3.0

The Android platform has deprecated sharedUserId that underpins the ForgeRock SDK for Android native SSO implementation. This native SSO implementation will not be viable after sharedUserId is removed from the Android platform.

ForgeRock product stability labels

ForgeRock products support many features, protocols, APIs, GUIs, and command-line interfaces. Some of these are standard and very stable. Others offer new functionality that is continuing to evolve.

ForgeRock acknowledges that you invest in these features and interfaces, and therefore must know when and how ForgeRock expects them to change. For that reason, ForgeRock defines stability labels and uses these definitions in ForgeRock products.

ForgeRock stability label definitions
Stability Label Definition


This documented feature or interface is expected to undergo backwards-compatible changes only for major releases.

Changes may be announced at least one minor release before they take effect.


This documented feature or interface is continuing to evolve and so is expected to change, potentially in backwards-incompatible ways even in a minor release. Changes are documented at the time of product release.

While new protocols and APIs are still in the process of standardization, they are Evolving. This applies for example to recent Internet-Draft implementations, and also to newly developed functionality.


This feature or interface has been replaced with an improved version, and is no longer receiving development effort from ForgeRock.

You should migrate to the newer version, however the existing functionality will remain.

Legacy features or interfaces will be marked as Deprecated if they are scheduled to be removed from the product.


This feature or interface is deprecated, and likely to be removed in a future release.

For previously stable features or interfaces, the change was likely announced in a previous release.

Deprecated features or interfaces will be removed from ForgeRock products.


This feature or interface was deprecated in a previous release, and has now been removed from the product.

Technology Preview

Technology previews provide access to new features that are considered as new technology that is not yet supported. Technology preview features may be functionally incomplete, and the function as implemented is subject to change without notice.


Customers are encouraged to test drive the technology preview features in a non-production environment, and are welcome to make comments and suggestions about the features in the associated forums.

ForgeRock does not guarantee that a technology preview feature will be present in future releases, the final complete version of the feature is liable to change between preview and the final version. Once a technology preview moves into the completed version, said feature will become part of the ForgeRock platform.

Technology previews are provided on an “AS-IS” basis for evaluation purposes only, and ForgeRock accepts no liability or obligations for the use thereof.


Internal and undocumented features or interfaces can change without notice.

If you depend on one of these features or interfaces, contact ForgeRock support or email to discuss your needs.

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