Deal Registration Terms and Conditions

Last updated May 31, 2022

Terms and Conditions

In order for a partner deal registration to be accepted, it must qualify as both:

  • A new-logo customer to ForgeRock,
  • A customer with no existing sales opportunity recorded in ForgeRock’s system of record

Reasons for rejection may include (but are not limited to):

  • The opportunity already exists with ForgeRock’s sales pipeline.
  • The customer is an existing or former customer of ForgeRock.
  • The deal has already been registered by another partner.
  • The deal has already been registered by the same partner.
  • The submission is deemed not to be a viable opportunity.
  • Not enough information has been included in the submission to determine its validity.

Accepted deal registrations are valid for a period of 6 months after acceptance by ForgeRock, and may be extended at ForgeRock’s discretion. If, after 6 months, a registered / approved opportunity has not progressed, it may be valid for new future deal registration acceptance by any partner.

Except as otherwise agreed by ForgeRock, accepted deal registrations will include only net new opportunities (which ForgeRock had no previous record of) for prospects which are not already existing or former customers of ForgeRock. 

Accepting a deal registration does not create an obligation on the part of ForgeRock to provide or guarantee exclusivity in the provision of ForgeRock or partner products or services to the customer.

If ForgeRock rejects a deal registration, this does not preclude the partner from continuing to engage in any opportunity they have identified.

Normally, approval for a deal registration will only be granted to a single partner organisation. However, in exceptional circumstances, ForgeRock reserves the right to approve more than one partner deal registration for the same opportunity – for example (but not limited to) opportunities where multiple partners are in receipt of a “cold” RFI/RFP, or where multiple partners are co-operating to provide a complete solution offering.

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