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Using Checksums

Last updated Dec 14, 2022

This article describes how to validate a file's integrity using a checksum.

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What is a Checksum?

The checksum is hash of some data (that is, the contents of a file). Whenever you download something from Backstage, you should verify if the file is identical to the one we put on our servers.

We use the SHA256 hashing algorithm to generate checksums for files hosted by us.

You should generate the SHA256 hash of the file you downloaded or uploaded and compare it to the checksum we provided. If the two checksums are different, it means that the file is damaged. Please contact us at to report any issues.

Verify a file's integrity based on the checksum

  1. Download the file from the Download Center.
  2. Make a note of the checksum displayed on the Download dialog.
  3. Generate the SHA-256 hash of the file you downloaded using the utility applicable to your operating system; here are some examples for common operating systems:
    • On Linux®, you can use the sha256sum utility to generate the checksum, for example: $ sha256sum AM-7.1.0.war 117e949c648a1566aed3a48019803da16222cf1e2a86ebfb260401d0a709e95e AM-7.1.0.war
    • On Mac® OS, you can use the shasum utility to generate the checksum, for example: $ shasum -a 256 AM-7.1.0.war 117e949c648a1566aed3a48019803da16222cf1e2a86ebfb260401d0a709e95e AM-7.1.0.war
    • On Microsoft® Windows®, you can use PowerShell, for example: C:\> Get-FileHash C:\Users\jdoe\Downloads\AM-7.1.0.war Algorithm Hash Path --------- ---- ---- SHA256 117e949c648a1566aed3a48019803da16222cf1e2a86ebfb260401d0a709e95e C:\Users\jdoe\Downloads\AM-7.1.0.war
  4. Compare the provided and the generated checksums:
    • If they are identical, the file is safe to use.
    • If they are different, contact ForgeRock and do not use the file.

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