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Multiple mappings found for organization identifier error when logging into AM (All versions)

Last updated Apr 13, 2021

The purpose of this article is to provide assistance if you receive a 500 Internal Server Error "Multiple mappings found for organization identifier" error when attempting to log into AM using the XUI interface.


The following error is shown in the web application container log (for example, catalina.out for Apache Tomcat™):

Could not get orgName Message:Multiple mappings found for organization identifier: [realm/DNS alias]

If you record the HTTP flow in your browser's developer tool when trying to access the login page, you will see the following server response for the request to .../json/serverinfo/:

{"code":500,"reason":"Internal Server Error","message":"Multiple mappings found for organization identifier: [realm/DNS alias]"}

Recent Changes

Installed AM or upgraded to a later version.

Configured realm/DNS aliases for one or more realms.


Realm/DNS aliases are incorrectly configured, for example, you have the same realm/DNS alias configured in more than one realm. A realm/DNS alias should be unique.


This issue can be resolved by configuring your realm/DNS aliases correctly and removing any duplicate realm/DNS aliases:

  • If you already have an administrator session running, you can temporarily amend the login URL to include the top level realm (&realm=/) in order to log into the console. You can then modify your realm/DNS aliases as needed and remove any duplicates. See Setup Guide › To Configure DNS Aliases for Accessing a Realm or How do I set up Realm DNS Aliases in AM (All versions) when CDSSO is configured? for further information.
  • If you do not have an administrator session running, you can use the following ssoadm command to delete one of the duplicate realm/DNS aliases: $ ./ssoadm delete-realm-attr -s sunIdentityRepositoryService -e [realmname] -u [adminID] -f [passwordfile] -a sunOrganizationAliasesreplacing [realmname], [adminID] and [passwordfile] with appropriate values.

You must restart the web application container in which AM runs to apply these configuration changes.

See Also

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