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Release Naming for Identity Gateway and Agents (Edge)

Last updated Feb 21, 2023

This article provides information about the new release naming scheme that has been introduced for ForgeRock Identity Gateway, Web Agents and Java Agents in 2023.

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Continuous Delivery and Deployment  

Modern automation and DevOps techniques allow you to deploy software updates in smaller batches and keep your deployment secure and up-to-date. In order for you to continuously deploy, ForgeRock Identity Gateway and Agents are continuously delivered with a simple upgrade path.

Release Naming

From 2023, ForgeRock Identity Gateway and Agents will be versioned based on the calendar date of the release, in the form YYYY.M

  • YYYY - major version: Reflecting the release year; breaking changes may be introduced with a new major release and will be highlighted in the release notes.
  • M - minor version: Reflecting the release month; will not include breaking changes.

Maintenance releases may be provided on top of a release and are versioned in the form YYYY.M.N

  • N - maintenance version: Increment, includes defect fixes that can’t wait for the next release, and for which we don’t have a workaround that we can offer to our customers.

Example: ForgeRock Identity Gateway 2023.10 or Agents 2023.10, where:

  • 2023 - major version reflecting the year of the release (2023)
  • 10 - minor version reflecting the month of the release (October)

A release named 2023.10.3 signifies the third maintenance release on top of the October 2023 release.

See ForgeRock Product Lifecycle and Support Policy, and EOSL Dates | IG and Agents for further information.

Upgrades within a major release 

In order to allow continuous deployment, the upgrade path in a major release will be simple with the following features: 

  • Binary replacements going from 2023.x to 2023.y (where y is greater than x).
  • Backward compatibility with the configuration of any previous 2023.x release.
  • No breaking changes.
  • No change in behavior (beyond actual fixes for security and critical issues).
  • New features that are enabled explicitly with "feature flags".

Feature flags (or "feature toggles") indicate that a new feature must be explicitly switched on if you want to use it, otherwise the behavior will not change. 

Upgrade IG 7 to IG 2023

The upgrade path from IG 7.x to IG 2023 is outlined in the IG 2023 documentation: Upgrade.

Upgrade Agents 5 to Agents 2023

The upgrade path from Agents 5.x to Agents 2023 will be outlined in the Agents 2023 documentation.

Roll-forward Policy

ForgeRock intends to release fixes for security and critical issues on top of the most recent Major release. For example, if 2023.3 is the current release, ForgeRock will first fix security and critical issues in a new 2023.4 release.

If appropriate, ForgeRock may release Maintenance releases for previous releases.

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