What versions of AM/OpenAM are compatible with IDM/OpenIDM?

Last updated Apr 12, 2019

The purpose of this article is to provide compatibility information between AM/OpenAM and IDM/OpenIDM versions. This includes the supported Java® versions for each combination.


The following matrix indicates compatibility between IDM/OpenIDM and AM/OpenAM for integration purposes:

  AM 6.5.x AM 6 AM 5.5.x AM 5, 5.1 OpenAM 13.5.x OpenAM 13
IDM 6.5.x Yes -- -- -- -- --
IDM 6 -- Yes -- -- -- --
IDM 5.5.x -- -- Yes -- -- --
IDM 5 -- -- -- Yes -- --
OpenIDM 4.5.x -- -- -- -- Yes --
OpenIDM 4 -- -- -- -- --- Yes

It is strongly recommended that you always upgrade to the latest maintenance releases for whichever versions of IDM/OpenIDM and AM/OpenAM you have deployed.

The authentication modules available for integration vary according to product versions as follows:

  IDM 6.x IDM 5.5.x IDM 5 OpenIDM 4.x
OAUTH_CLIENT Yes Yes -- --

* The OPENAM_SESSION authentication module is deprecated in IDM 5.5. You should use the OAUTH_CLIENT module instead for integrating IDM with AM.

Java Compatability

Java 11

  • IDM 6.5 and later.
  • AM 6.5 and later.

Java 8

  • IDM 5 and later; OpenIDM 4.x
  • AM 5 and later; OpenAM 13.x

Java 7

  • IDM 5; OpenIDM 4.x
  • AM 5 and 5.1.x; OpenAM 13.x

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