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FAQ: Upgrading IDM

Last updated May 18, 2021

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding upgrading IDM.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I find everything that has been fixed in a release?

A. You can look in the IDM Issue Tracker to see what has been fixed against a given release. Links for recent releases are included below:


The release notes also list all the key fixes that have been included as well as any known issues that are still outstanding at the time of the release: IDM 7.1 Release NotesIDM 7 Release NotesIDM 6.5 Release Notes and IDM 6 Release Notes.

Q. Where can I find end of support life (EOSL) dates for IDM?

A. The release dates and end of support life dates for IDM are available from: Checking your product versions are supported

Q. How do I migrate to a later version of IDM with a MySQL™ database?

A. It depends on what version you are migrating to:

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