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How do I change DS (All versions) to use a different JDK version?

Last updated Jan 12, 2023

The purpose of this article is to provide information on changing DS to use a different version of the JDK, if for example, you have upgraded your Java® environment. This article assumes you have already successfully upgraded your Java environment.

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Changing JDK version

You can change which JDK DS is using as follows:

  1. Update the property in the file (located in the /path/to/ds/config directory). You can either specify an exact version or latest:
    • Exact version - specify the path of the correct JDK version. For example, if you are using Java 8 Update 45, the updated property would look similar to this: you take this approach, you will need to update this property each time you upgrade your Java environment.
    • Latest - specify latest so that the latest version of the JDK is always used: you take this approach, you will only need to restart DS to take account of an upgraded Java environment in the future.
  2. Restart the DS server.

See How do I ensure DS (All versions) uses the Java settings from file when starting? for further information on the file.

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